The Best T-Shirt at SxSW

The REPP Team headed down to SxSW this past week to market REPP and our forthcoming open beta – you can signup for a private invite.  We wanted to make a splash at SxSW and try to break out from the crowd, so we put our trust in the hands of our awesome CCO, David Volker … and this is what he came up with  …

This t-shirt turned out to be AWESOME, and led us to having many great conversations with VC’s, The Press, and most importantly of all, future REPP Users.  

Here are some activities that happened because of our shirt

1) Invited to pitch at Startup America pitch event 

2) We got stopped and asked to pitch to a VentureBeat #WinSxSW Contest (Check out the link and share it to help us win!)

3) We met this guy – Cam – Check him out @the_cam_slam

So, if you want this awesome shirt – we’re starting a list – just fill it out and we’ll get back to you about how to get your hands on it.


Interested in Shirt

Sign up for REPP Invitation

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